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  • Welcome to DIGITOUR course!

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    How is DIGITOUR course structured?

    DIGITOUR is a self-learning online course, which consists of 12 units, each one of approximately 2 hours and with a total duration of 24 hours. All units are structured in a simple way: they start with a short introduction of the unit topics, followed by an overview of the learning objectives. Then the main section: the unit content, supported by practical examples. Every unit concludes with exercises and a self-assessment test, as well as links to further reading material.

    What will I learn?
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    By the end of this training course, you will:

    • Know the key terms related to selling online directly and through agents, processes to integrate online and traditional marketing campaigns, online customer behaviour, etc.
    • Understand the importance of digital literacy to meet the changing needs of customers.
    • Understand and reply to changing customer behaviours by analysing data.
    • Enhance and contribute to the digital transformation of the tourism sector by the application of new technologies, new approaches and solving entrepreneurial challenges.
    • Know the key terms related to innovation in the tourism sector
    • Understand and contribute to successful collaboration with partners in the sector.

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    Which are the assessment methods?

    The self-assessment instruments consist of multiple-choice tests. These will help you consolidate your newly obtained knowledge and feel more confident about your skills. .

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    Do I get a certificate?

    Yes, you can acquire a Certificate of Participation by completing the following:

    • Create an account and log in to the platform
    • Read the course material
    • Perform the self-assessment quizzes and achieve a minimum of 60%
    • Complete a short online survey

    Once you have successfully completed the above, your Certificate of Participation in the DIGITOUR e-learning course will be made available for you to download inside the course.

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  • Unit 1. Digitalisation and Tourism

  • Unit 2. Business Intelligence

  • Unit 3. (Digital) Social Skills

  • Unit 4. Methodological Skills

  • Unit 5. Digital Marketing & Tourism

  • Unit 6. Social Media and Tourism

  • Unit 7. Online Customer Behaviour in Tourism

  • Unit 8. CRM

    • If you prefer, you can open and read the theory in pdf format.

  • Unit 9. HR Digitalisation

  • Unit 10. Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience

  • Unit 11. Collaborating with Others - Networking & Co-creation

  • Unit 12. Travel Agency Platforms

  • Online survey

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    It is necessary to complete this in order to receive your certificate.

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